Narrowing the Search for Investment Property using Price-Rent Ratio Maps

Price-rent ratios are a common metric used by investors to determine if a residential property investment will be profitable.  The price-to-rent ratio is a measure of the relative affordability of renting and buying in a given housing market. It is calculated as the ratio of home prices to annual rental rates. So, for example, in a [...]

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Creating a Pandas DataFrame from a Shapefile

ArcPy doesn´t have an option to export shapefile attribute tables to pandas DataFrame objects. Fortunately, there are number of workarounds available to make this happen. Pandas DataFrame objects are comparable to Excel spreadsheet or a relational database table. They come from the R programming language and are the most important data object in the Python [...]

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What Can Spatial Analytics Tell Us About 30 Years of Large Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest?

Studies suggest that over the past few decades, the number and size of wildfires have increased throughout the western United States.  The average length of wildfire season has increased significantly as well.  According to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), every state in the western US has experienced an increase in the average annual number of large wildfires [...]

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